Catskill Mountains Resort Helps Kidney Donor


HARLEM, Manhattan — Pamela White, 57, had waited three years for a kidney. 
"I have good days and I have bad days," said White. "I'm afraid of wildly waiting." 
Her co-worker Tameka Fleming, a Bronx mother of three, offered to give her that kidney. She said she was told by a local hospital she is a perfect match.
"God just spoke into me and said to me to me to help.  I did my blood work.  I spoke to the social worker and I mentioned I was in a shelter and that's where it halted," said Fleming.

William Zaccari, who owns Catskill Mountain Resort, is offering to help in their recovery for as long as it takes. And Lauren Finkelstein, the founder of Save 1 Person, wants to step in and help these wonderful women on their journey.