7 Top Wedding Tips and Tricks from Our Experts Weddings on a Budget

Top Wedding Tips and Tricks from Our Experts
7 Top Wedding Tips and Tricks from Our Experts – Weddings on a Budget
1. Create a Budget - If vendors know what kind of budget you have for their services they'll present, or create, options that fit your budget. Don’t be shy about communicating how much you are looking to spend. Most vendors will already have a variety of options to suit different budgets.   

2. Skip the Flowers – Balloons have made a big splash replacing traditional wedding flowers and we’ve seen some cotton candy bridal bouquets that are simply amazing! If this is one area where you are flexible, get creative!

3. Buffets – Buffets are a nice standard price and allow your guests to personalize their meal more than a sit down dinner does. It’s a win win for everyone!

4. Wedding Favors - Instead of buying favors for each guest, create a treat bag for each hotel room. Guests always like a late-night snack, and, our Front Desk will be happy to give those to your guests at check-in.  

5. Centerpieces – Beautiful table centerpieces can be created with less expensive (and fun) things like rock candy. Follow our Pinterest account for hundreds of wedding ideas like this: https://www.pinterest.com/catskillmountainsresort/

6. Pick an Off-Season Date – In our area, January and February are THE hottest months to get great deals on hotel wedding packages. Explore those dates before opting for more popular times of the year.

7. Morning Weddings – A champagne brunch reception is much less costly than dinner and can be just as elegant! If you’re a more casual wedding go with an afternoon lunch or BBQ.

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