5 Top Wedding Tips and Tricks from Our Experts Planning Your Wedding

wedding tips and tricks insider
1. Plan Your Guest List – Having a good idea of the size of your wedding will give you a good idea of what kind of venues will best accommodate your event. Don’t forget to count your vendors (photographers, DJs, etc.) in the dinner count!

2. Critique The Venues – Every place will look pretty so look a bit under the surface. Ask about their emergency kit / plan in case you have a guest with an injury or illness. Also take into consideration any special needs of any of your guests such as handicapped accessibility to all areas of the venue.

3. Power Outages – Few things will kill your party faster than a power outage. Check to see if the venue has backup generators on-site so an unexpected outage will be nothing more than a short minor nuisance.  

4. Explore Your Date – Check your desired areas for any conferences, holidays, or other large activities that may interfere with your event. Call the local hotels and see if they can accommodate your guests or have any other events planned.

5. Book Your Room First – As soon as you book your event you need to book your own room(s). Excited guests will be quick to book the choice rooms early on so the one you’ve had your eye on may go quickly.

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