Minisink Battleground Park

The Battle At Minisink Ford 
July 22, 1779 
Minisink Battleground Park
Operated and Maintained by the Sullivan County Division of Public Works
Sullivan County Park and Recreation Commission

Park Information: There are public restrooms at the northern end of the parking area along with displays of historical materials on the battle and other area attractions. Individuals and group picnic areas are also available. There are two additional trails that traverse the park they are: the Woodland Trail and the Old Quarry Trail. Trail brochures are available at the interpretive center.

Because of the nature of the battle there is no set place where it completely unfolded, rather it was a rushed retreat up from the Delaware River and ending at the top of the hill spreading over many acres. When standing in the area between the Minisink Monument, Sentinel Rock and Hospital Rock you are in the approximate area where the militia created a square defensive position so that they could counter Brant's efforts to completely surround them. It is typical of many of the battles that were fought in the American Revolution. There are three significant sites on the battleground.

(Visiting the Minisink Battleground Park)